Antique Furniture Cape Town

The most exquisite home décor sometimes involves not using the contemporary furniture and home accessories that are commonplace, but going for something out of the ordinary. Like antique furniture. Not only does this type of furniture guarantee a unique look that isn’t common in many homesteads, using it is also a great way to blend your personality and let it show through the furniture. Plus antique furniture goes well with many other furniture styles, giving you even more options with which to make your style statement. You can find plenty of antique furniture stores in Cape Town, where you get to choose beautiful pieces for every room.

Antique furniture units that you buy in Cape Town for your home include armoires, dressers, vanities, dining tables and chairs, tables, rockers, book cases, display cabinets, chairs, and desks. These bear the unique craftsmanship that is only seen in antique pieces, which are purely carved by hand, a skill that gives them the exclusive aesthetics of a natural wood carving. Antique home furniture adds a definite charm to any room and works well to create interest in a room that’s rather plain looking. Cape Town antique furniture is sourced both in the country and internationally. Victorian antique furniture, Georgian antique furniture and Edwardian antique furniture are some of the timeless antique furniture designs that you can readily find in the city.

Even if you have already fully furnished your home, it is easy to incorporate a few antique elements for a retro look. Fixing an antique bookcase at a corner in a living room furnished with contemporary and modern furniture instantly adds enough interest to draw the eye to bookcase. The rugged lines and finish of the antique unit stand out quite well in the room full of sleek lines and refined shapes. Create an even greater impact by combining your new antique pieces with retro colors. These can go to the walls, window dressing, floor covering or the soft furnishings in the room. Good color choices are mauve, beige, blue, and olive green. Pastel colors make the mark too so any will do. Paint your walls in your chosen color or use wall paper if you’d rather not go all out in changing the walls.

Make your antique furniture look even more captivating by restoring them. Slight restoration will keep your pieces fresh without interfering with their unique retro texture. Or go for a full restoration if you want to give the furniture a modern look. If you prefer the unadulterated antique look though, leave your new finds as they are and enjoy their exclusive retro look and feel.

Enjoy something different in your home decorating endeavors using antique furniture. There are plenty of different antique furniture items that you can find in Cape Town which you can use in your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, from chairs, desks, display cabinets, bookcases, dining units, wardrobes, armoires and storage boxes.